Video Visit

A video visit allows you real time video interaction with a Sanford Acute Care provider, instead of traveling to the clinic. The provider may provide a diagnosis with appropriate care plan and a prescription if necessary. If the provider is unable to provide a diagnosis they may request to see you in person. Acute Care Video Visits are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sanford Health offers video visits for new and existing patients located in Minnesota and South Dakota, and for existing patients located in Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Video visits are available for both adults and children. You can request a video visit on behalf of a child if you are the parent or legal guardian and have access to the child's My Sanford Chart account. You can request a video visit for a spouse, parent or other adult if you have been granted access to his/her My Sanford Chart account.

A video visit requires a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers can be used to complete the video visit. You will be prompted to install the VidyoWeb plugin the first time you start a video visit. A Sanford Video Visit can also be completed on an Android or Apple mobile device or tablet via the My Sanford Chart app.

Please call (877) 311-5116 to establish a My Sanford Chart account.